Sisco, Manuel. Born in Caldono, North of the Department of Cauca, Colombia in 1964. Member of the NASA Indigenous Ancestral community. He has studied in ‘Normal Superior’ of La Vega - Cauca, and is an applied expert in Anthropology of the Salesiana University from Quito, Ecuador. He owns a magister in Cosmovisions, Climate change and Gender equity in URACCAN, Nicaragua. He has led investigations around the knowledges of the NASA people, whilst being a cultural and spiritual leader for the community. The themes he will expose in the seminars are related to 1- The art of ideographic thought in the Nasa culture, 2- Spiritualities, initiation and transit rituals, and 3- NASA gobernability.

Viluche, Joaquín. NASA investigator in ‘the walking of Ancestral time’, NASA Mathematics. He is member of the INDIGENOUS REGIONAL COUNCIL OF CAUCA, dynamizer and professor of mathematics in UAIIN, CRIC. From the earliest age sparked a curiosity in him to deepen the ISANXI YUWE (Mathematics), teaching the numerical system of the NASA community, the EENDXI’J (the walking of time) in Nasa Yuwe language and thought, also called Ancestral Calendar, and the NEEHWE’SX (the reviving of thought) the wisdom to revive the structure of the NASA authority and to practice the rights of nature, and  the Indigenous rights within the Colombian state and across the world. He has participated in the XXIX International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association – LASA, in Canadá, in the International Seminar “Learning Mathematics from the Indigenous communities from LatinAmerica” in Cusco, Perú. He has been awarded the recognition of Master of knowledge by UNESCO - Superior Education, Research and knowledge from the United Nations Organisation. According to him, it is only by leading investigations from our heart, that we will be able to make comparisons, constructive critics, appreciate Indigenous knowledge, and acknowledge the wealth of wisdom in such areas as: Astronomy, Agriculture, Architecture, Mathematics, Medicine, technologies, and Indigenous rights; and therefore to not be satisfied with Western knowledge.

Yunda, Luis Aureliano. His umbilical cord is sown in the ‘Tulpa’ of ‘Palo Sol’ in ‘Alto Naya’. He has been secretary of the association NASA Çxhâçxha in Paez (Cauca). Coordinator of the Tradicional Medicine area in the years 2012, 2013 and 2014. He has been part of the CRIC organization in the area of health, education, and comunications. Since the year 2010 he has been working in the re-activation of the 8 sacred rituals of the NASA community in the Kweth Kina reguard. He has received the teachings in tradicional medicine of the Authority Misael Tumbo. Authority of the Indigenous Reguard of Las Mercedes in the years 2015 and 2016. He is currently working in the processes of traditional medicine in the Department of Putumayo, and he is activator, guide and spiritual counsil Kiwe Thé in the Indigenous Reguard Nasa Kweth kina Las Mercedes.