“…We will have to leave the opposite bank,
the split between the two mortal combatants somehow healed so that we are on both shores at once and, at once, see through serpent and eagle eyes”
-- Borderlands/La Frontera (1987)
― Gloria Anzaldúa

is a collective working in the field of contemporary art and experimental thought between France and Colombia.
Having exhausted the Western multiculturalist approach validated by identity-politics, there lies a necessity to knit other ways of ‘making worlds’.
Indeed, what would happen if we shifted our attention into the formulation of another question?
how would we enter a relational modality of all sentient beings as not think about but rather think-with forests; how to not think in metaphors?

We argue that a system of knowledge that rests on the assumption of a human-centered-symbolical resolution has perpetuated a necropolitic extractivist agenda of objectified people, minerals and ultimately; disabling other potential spaces of semiosis.
Does the fact that a forest think, mean that what we have understood as thought is limited by language? And if we are willing to go that extra mile... H
ow would we think more within forests?
Abya-Yala thought, enables a space where thinking is deployed through another matrix, where the question is no longer about the abstracted but within the system of abstraction. Where the mind can move the clouds un-metaphorically, where like the shaman, the only space to cure the other is by becoming-the other.

Melniczuk Clara, Philosopher born in France (1991). Currently Phd candidate at University Paris VIII under the mentorship of Dr. Noudlemann François. She is working on the concept of ‘Opacity’ in the works of Martinican poet and philosopher Edouard Glissant. Her transdisciplinary work looks at creating  constellations spaces between postcolonial and decolonial philosophy, poetics and contemporary anthropology. Her thesis is codirected by Dr. Tulio Rojas Curieux; head of the department of Humanities and anthropology of the University of Cauca. She is currently working with the Research team of the laboratory EA 7322 : Littérature, histoires, esthétique (LHE) in the doctoral school of ‘Pratiques et théories du sens’ of Paris VIII.

Dupont Julian, Visual artist born in Colombia (1985). His practice is a question for the politics of presentation in context, a potential space confronting Western rationalism through the articulation of site-specific interventions, deploying the uncanny in bio-semiotical experiences as resistance to language. He’s currently student of the Philosophy, Art and Critical Thought division in The European Graduate School, working the dialogue between Shamanism and Automation. He has realized solo exhibitions such as ‘UUS YAHTX’ in Popayán with the collaboration of the Indigenous Guard of Cauca in 2018, MAPARADOXTERRA at the Cinema of the Museum La Tertulia in Cali (2013); and has participated in collective exhibitions such as ARTECAMARA in ARTBO curated by Helena Producciones in Bogotá (2019), Húesped in Lugar a dudas in Cali (2016), The second Biennale of Montevideo in Uruguay (2014) and ‘Colombia Hoy’ in the first contemporary Art Biennale of Cartagena (2014).